Cool centipede robot, fully articulated and easy to print!

Reaaaalllly flexible, strong joints, easy to print with a good surface contact with the bed.

Two versions included:

-Centipede complete, with antennas put aside on the bed. (You print everything at the same time.)
-Centipede only (you print the antennas separately, i.e. in a different color)
-1 test file with 1 section included
-1 test file with 2 sections included.

The files are already placed in the right orientation.

The actual scale is the smallest scale i’ve tried for fdm with perfect results. You can scale it up with no problem. If you scale it down, make some tests to see if the legs and joints will work.

Print time:
-Complete centipede with antennas took me 9 hours to print (0.2 layer height)
-Test file with 1 section: 24 minutes
-Test file with 2 sections: 44 minutes.

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