For Spongebob Squarepants fans here’s another creation that I hope you enjoy from the series. This Spongebob House is a perfect way to show your fanaticism of the show while giving a home to a mini plant! This design requires little to no supports and prints well in fast speeds. For this model I used 1.75 mm PLA+ gold filament by eSUN. Once you printed it I recommend a mini aloe vera plant as the green leaves on top. The design already comes prepared with a water drain all I recommend is to put a mesh and possible a protective material inside the pot to protect the model and prevent dirt from falling out the bottom. This design is still relatively prototype so if something doesn’t work let me know in the comments and I will attempt to fix. Furthermore, if you like this design check out Squidward’s house in the link below! Hope you enjoy! 🙂

I recently added a version 2 of the design that includes a smaller drain hole and larger pot area based off of comments from other creators. Version 1 is still the original model.

Squidward’s House Cup:

*If you would like to see my latest addition to the Spongebob collection I present to you the Krusty Krab:

Print Settings

Printer brand:



Doesn’t Matter


Doesn’t Matter


0.4 mm layer height




Make sure to scale the model by 2 times or it won’t fit!!