About The Design

Hello Reddit!

There’s a big uptick of traffic and downloads from this post on Reddit. Please feel free to modify and it to your heart’s content! It’s licensed to the world under Creative Commons. I’d just ask that if you modify it, please credit my design, and please don’t sell it for a profit. Thanks and happy printing!


These stackable battery holders are a design I did years ago for an employer and were a Quirky.com community selected design. I retained the licensing and rights to the design, and have given it away for everyone to use under CC attribution non-commercial.


Easily wall-mounted on two screws. Stackable and will sit on a table. Three simple parts

How to Assemble

There are three sizes available. Each size has three files. Download the files for your size. I recommend printing and then hot-gluing the parts together. They are friction fit and include tabs to ensure a tight, permanent lock.