UPDATE 21st February 2022- Added a lid with holes plus a handle, you’ll need two M3x10mm fasteners.
If you have already printed the lid without the holes you can drill the holes. Hole size will be 3mm and centre to centre measurement is 60mm.
“UPDATE 13th February 2022- Added a seal for you folks that would like to print their own out of TPU. Recommended settings: 0% Infill, 2 perimeters and 2 top and 2 bottom layers.
Accessories can be found here:
Water resistant, dust proof utility box.
What’s needed;
25mmx3mm fasteners 6
3mm nylock nuts 6
3mm round length of seal, commonly found in your hardware store, photo included for reference.
Included is an MMU version of the lid that has the word ESKY on it.
No supports are required and all single colour files are in the correct orientation once imported into your choice of slicer.

Internal dimensions;


External dimensions;


Recommend print settings;

Box and lid, minimum of 3 perimeters, 20% grid infill. PETG, PLA, ASA, ABS etc etc.

Latches need to be printed in PETG, minimum of 3 perimeters, 20% grid infill.

Top & bottom layers should be a minimum of 6 layers.