Inspired by the geometry of an artichoke and Louis Poulsen’s great lighting studies and diagrams. This beautiful lamp shade is perfect for the home or business. You can use any standard hanging light cord and a low temp bulb (such as a cfl bulb.) We purchased a standard lamp base with a 12 ft cord from amazon and it screws in the top hole with no issues.

40% infill, high cooling, slow speed. May be tricky on some printers so you may need support for some of the lower fins.

The model was created in 3ds Max 2011 but due to the inch/mm unit issues the model is scaled up by 2540%.

Check out for information on our Large Format gMax 1.5 + 3D Printers


The file was made in 3ds Max 2011. We started with two sets of fins offset by 30 degrees. These fins were designed to hide the light source while allowing for reflected light. The profiles were also created to allow for printing on an FFF printer.

After several passes at the perfect shape, the entire model was arrayed radially to create the full lamp shade. We finished by using a boolean union to make it manifold.