This Box is one of the sizes of the complete assortment box set from my assortment cabinet video.

Watch the video here to learn more:

The drawers in the cabinet (all 19 of them!) are made in a 6 by 6 grid. So you can fit either 36 of the 1×1 boxes or 3 of the 2×6 boxes. Or any other random variation you may desire!

All the boxes have a place to stick a label, this not only allows you to see what’s in the boxes from above but also doubles as a handle to pull them out!

If you want the complete drawings for the assortment cabinet with drawers that fit these boxes, you can download them from my Patreon page:

Find all the other sized boxes here:

1 x 1 :
1 x 2 :
1 x 3 :
1 x 4 :
1 x 5 :
2 x 2 :
2 x 3 :
2 x 6 :

3d printed drawer handles router templates:

Corner alignment jig for the cabinet: