This is a remix of JR_Jae’s Cute Mini Octopus.

The following changes have been made, some of which were suggested by JoGoCo:

  • The models have been cleaned up so they are manifold, this avoids problems with certain slicers.
  • The hinges have been made slightly more robust, especially the ends should be less prone to breaking.
  • A variation with the mouth replaced by a nose is provided. This makes the model marginally more anatomically correct because an octopus has its mouth on its underside, not on the side. Of course octopuses (or octopodes for the linguistic fanatics) do not have a nose either, but at least this model can be printed without the need for any supports and has one fewer part that could break off.
  • Some clean-up to make the models more efficient.
  • Rotated 22.5° such that it can be easily printed bigger on rectangular print beds.

Needless to say, this contains small parts and should not be used as a toy for little children due to possible choking hazard.


The licensing situation of this model is… interesting.

This remix has only a Creative Commons Attribution license. At the time when I downloaded the original model from JR_Jae on April 6 2019, that one was published under the same Attribution license (I have verified this from the downloaded files I kept). Afterwards, the author of that original model changed their license into a more restrictive Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share Alike (and the author also changed his name to ‘McGybeer’).

Because my remix is based on the model that was published as Attribution at the time I created the remix, this remix will remain Attribution, and you can distribute prints of this remix if you comply with the terms of the Attribution license.

My interpretation of the Attribution license is the following.

  • If you sell or give away prints of this model, you need to provide a visible link to this Thing page both on your shop website, and on a piece of paper included with physical printed objects. I have provided PDF files with ready-to-print attribution cards for your convenience.
  • You do not need to ask explicit permission from me. Just do the above.
  • You do not need to share profits. (If you really want to give someone a tip, do it to the original author because the work I have put into this remix is relatively small.)

The fact that the author of the original model changed their license into something more restrictive, makes honoring the Attribution license for this remix all the more important. If the author of the original model believes you are violating his current more restrictive license, a correct attribution message will prove that you aren’t, because it will show that you are selling a remix made from his version of the model when it was still only licensed under Attribution.

Print Settings

Printer brand:







0.15 mm



Filament brand:

3D Eksperten

Filament color:

Silky Gold

Filament material:



A layer height of 0.2 mm should work well, but 0.15 gives a smoother result (expect a 4-hour print at this resolution).
If your slicer supports variable layer height, using thinner layers for the top of the head will provide an even nicer result (in the photos, the topmost layers are 0.1 mm).

If you want to print the model with the mouth, you can choose to try the one with built-in support, or let your slicing program generate support. Of course, for the ‘nose’ model, no support is required at all.


Depending on how stringy the filament is, you may need to wiggle each joint to loosen it completely. If you place the octopus on a flat surface and rotate it, it should look like the third photo if you correctly loosened the joints.