Fish Fossilz are an amazing one piece print that wriggles, twists and bends in all directions. It’s an easy print that only uses about 13gm of filament (with recommended settings).

Fish Fossilz have proven to be hugely popular so, as some people have been using them as a Key Fob (with the key ring through the eye) an additional “Fob” type has been added. This has a fitting at the end of the tail to attach it to the key ring. This should make it less bulky and more visible as a key fob (Download Fob .stl file version).

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Do not use support as that could stop the joints printing separately / free. Raft is recommended as it helps with removal from the build plate and ensures you can break away the bones without damage.

As soon as the Raft is removed ‘Fish Fossilz’ should be super flexi…. bend twist and wriggle. Another great fun example of what is possible with 3D printing.

Please refer to the images and instructions for additional information… and post images of your Fish Fossilz finds!

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Print Settings

Printer brand:



MakerBot Replicator (5th Generation)






0.20mm / Standard


2 Shells / 50% infill / PLA


Easy print with no support. Raft recommended. Use high infill percentage to ensure joints are strong. A good clean print should be free to wriggle / flex / twist as soon as the Raft is removed. rnrn

Just remove the Raft and fascinate people by how flexible this one piece print is….

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