I wanted to create a dragonfly model since my daughter and I found a dead dragonfly this summer.

The overall proportions are based on the one we found. I tried to create a pattern for the wings which is similar to the real thing but with less detail to make it printable.

Quite happy how it turned out 🙂

Update Oct. 16th 2018
The front wings of the patterned model were partially lifted (about 0.13 mm) above the the rest. Fixed and updated the stl. Thanks to jerzone for letting me know in the comments!

Update Oct. 18th 2018
Made some small clean-ups to the patterned wings again, hopefully all slicers will work now without issues! No need to update if the previous version sliced correctly for you.
Thanks to ericleejoe for reporting the problem with S3D slicer in the comments.

Update Oct. 19th 2018
Another small fix specific to Simplify 3D slicer. Welded the hanger hole piece to the tip of the tail instead of just having them overlap.

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Print Settings


0.3 mm


30 %

Filament brand:

Filament material:



Printed with 3 shells for strength.