This is a proof of concept of a new thread design which can make a hand-screw type clamp, commonly used in woodworking. It won’t match the strength of an actual clamp, but I tried to make a clamp that was as strong as possible, with 100% 3d printed parts. For this, careful consideration needed to be made so that each part respects the grain of the 3d print. It is, however, still a 3d printed plastic clamp, so don’t get too crazy with it!

See my process for designing this here.

Print Settings:

I printed everything with standard draft settings, in PLA. Through testing, I found that the small “SlideHinge” parts are always the first things to fail. They break off at the very tip of the end that captures the rotating knob. So if you wanted it stronger with minimal changes, you could print the “SlideHinge” part solid.

This is tricky to assemble. The design intention wasn’t to make a simple clamp. It is more of a demonstration of a 3d printed mechanism to make this special type of clamp.

Also, adding some sort of wax from a candle / soap / etc. will help make clamping much smoother.

Assembly video:

Watch this thing crushing stuff: