Created this Headphone stand with colour customisation in mind to suit a variety of different desk setups. It incorporates a cable hook to keep things tidy when storing the headphones and a modular design to aid in repairs should it break. The design is very strong and is more than capable of supporting heavy cans. The headphone post has a smooth curve with no sharp points to prevent damage/ deformation occurring to head bands.The triangulated structure aids with lowering print times, whilst maintaining strength and provides a nice aesthetic IMO. In my Test version I used m3 anodised countersunk washers however these are optional, just thought they complimented the look of the stand. Please see Misc notes to help aid with this project.

If you’d like, you can follow my Instagram: noyceprints for new and yet to be released designs that aren’t available here. If you’re after a controller stand in a similar style you can find it on cgtrader by searching noyceprints.

Requires 16 M3x10mm screws for the main frame and 3 M3x10mm screws for the feet.

Added a file: Side V2 XL, should allow for an extra 2 – 3 cm in height for those of you with very large cans. Please note that this is an early file as I haven’t had time to test it. Would appreciate any feedback on the new larger sides from those that decide to print it. 🙂 5th picture along shows a comparison between stock and the V2 XL sides.

Added an optional brace for wireless headphone users that removes the cable hook from the rear. File name: Optional brace.

Print Settings

Printer brand:










Filament brand:

Filament color:


Filament material:



You will need to print the following:

1 x Base
2 x Sides
2 x Base posts
3 x Feet
1 x Headphone post/ mount
1 x Cable hook

Hardware required:

19 M3x10mm screws.

Print settings for the different components.

Base: 40% infill. 0.3 Layer height
Sides: 50% infill. 0.3 Layer height
Base posts: 100% infill. 0.24 Layer height
Feet: 40% infill. 0.24 Layer height
Headphone post/ mount: 50% infill. 0.3 Layer height
Cable hook: 100% infill. 0.3 Layer height

Recommend printing the sides with a brim of 10 – 15 lines to prevent warping.