Saw these for the first time in Thailand a couple years ago but they cost $30 for even the simplest. Now you can print your own!

Three STLs uploaded are 5cm tall, 10cm tall, and 15cm tall giving you your baby, mama, and papa lamp shades. Yeah, have fun printing 30 of those 15cm pieces! First one to do so gets a pat on the back.

Scale the parts to your liking for different sizes and piece thickness.

I also added DXF files for diversity

My favorite results so far for the 30 piece sphere have been with a 125 mm size printed with two .25mm layers and 4 perimeters, so I’ve uploaded this one as well.

Print Settings

Printer brand:



Stoof’s MendelMax 1.5++










Print with 2 layers at 100% infill and 4 perimeters


Choose a design from the instruction booklet in the gallery also found here:
Or get creative and figure out your own…

Print the required number in any color or combination of colors you like, print, and then have fun figuring out how to put them together. You might break a few the first few tries.

I would suggest only printing with ABS because the only thing you would get out of printing these with PLA is frustration and disappointment (parts have to be pretty flexible). But go ahead, prove me wrong.

The thickness of the STLs are 0.6mm, but they can easily be scaled to your liking using netfabb or similar. I printed 3 layers at 0.2mm, but please feel free to play around with different thicknesses and layer combinations and tell me what you like best!

After you’ve put together all but the last few pieces of it, stick it on a hanging lantern cord or whatever you like, add the final pieces, and hang it up! (Hint: try different combinations of plastic colors and light bulb colors. Red shade with green bulb??? Trippy maaaan)

Heres a video of somebody putting it together