Minimalist wallet designed to be small enough to easily be carried as a front pocket wallet.

The wallet can be assembled and used in a few different ways. It can be assembled using either one or two sides. When two sides are used the cards are placed in between the two sides and will be protected from wear and tear. Each side is assembled from two separate pieces screwed together with eight M3 screws. The screws should be fairly short so they do most likely need to be shortened to be short enough to not stick out the other end.

There are two versions of the wallet sides, one for countersunk screws and one version for normal screws. The parts meant to be used with countersunk screws are named with countersunk in the filenames and the other parts are named with regular in the filenames. The countersunk screw version will have a slimmer profile and is recommended.

If one side is used it can be assembled with one or two elastic bands. Where both elastic bands are used to hold cards or money.

If two sides are used it can be assembled with one, two, or three elastic bands. One of the elastic bands is used to hold the two sides together. While the other one or two elastic bands are used to keep money or extra cards.

The elastic bands are cut to length and sewn together to form a loop. The length of the bands depend on how many cards that will be carried in the wallet.

All parts are oriented to be printed so that when assembled the sides facing the build plate are facing outwards and the top of the print is non visible.

The screws can be inserted and taken out at least a few times before the threads start to have trouble getting a grip. When that happens the piece can easily be replaced.

If two sides are used I would recommend slightly sanding the edges facing the cards to make it easier to insert the cards. I may update the files to include a rounded side but I decided to leave them sharp for now since I prefered that when using it as a one sided wallet.

Required materials

  • M3 screws, 4mm long.
  • Elastic band, 20mm wide.

Print Settings

Printer brand:


i3 MK2S




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