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Simple and easily printable mouse ring. No 3d printers were harmed during the design process.

This animal-based ring is part of the collection Ear Rings. You can take a look and download them in any size you want!


I’ve uploaded the STL file for sizes from 5.5 to 11.5. The sizes correspond to the USA and Canada standards, but here you have the list to know the diameter if you don’t know your size.

Size – diameter (mm)

5.5 – 16.10mm
6 – 16.51mm
6.5 – 16.92mm
7 – 17.35mm
7.5 – 17.75mm
8 – 18.19mm
8.5 – 18.53mm
9 – 18.89mm
9.5 – 19.41mm
10 – 19.84mm
10.5 – 20.20mm
11 – 20.68mm
11.5 – 21.08mm

IMPORTANT: as the ring size is not very big and every printer has different settings, the diameter could be slightly different when printing it. Be careful!

Hope you like it!