‘RATZ’ are a fun print that can become quite addictive. it’s all to easy to end up with a ‘RATZ’ infested house. There are two options provided. The ‘Biting RATZ’ file opens the mouth when you left the tail and, printed well (with 3 shells / 50% infill or more), has a good bite!

The ‘RATZ’ file is a static model with no moving parts. This file can be printed with 2 shells and 10 – 15% infill as it doesn’t need the strength required for the ‘Biting RATZ’ file to make it springy and strong.

At standard size “RATZ’ are approx. 85mm tall. They print great in PLA on Makerbot’s (as the images show). They should print well in PLA on most well set up accurate machines. However, the design use extreme angles that will be a challenge for ABS. Please also note that some slicing apps and machines may find the fine tolerances / angles / detail challenging. No support required.

‘RATZ’ are fun… if you print one you’ll end up printing lots. The designs have been test printed lots of times to refine them (as the images show)… so get started and infest your house / office / car with some ‘RATZ’.

Please refer to the instructions and images for additional information… and if you print some ‘RATZ’ please post images showing what your ‘RATZ’ are getting up to or into!

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Print Settings

Printer brand:




Doesn’t Matter




Standard / 0.20mm


Biting type requires 3 shells / 50% infill to make it strong and springy


Easy print in PLA on a machine will a filament fan… but there are extreme angles and fine tolerances that may be a challenge for some machines and slicing apps as well as ABS. They print really well on MakerBot’s as shown in the images provided.

No support is required… leave it turned “OFF” to make sure support doesn’t the biting up inside the biting type as there would be no way to clear it out and it would not move as expected..

Biting RATZ

If you lift the tail and the mouth doesn’t open immediately wriggle the tail and mouth gently to free them. Adequate clearance has been allowed for most machines / slicing apps but others may need a little movement to free these parts up.