Please note the usage rights for this design, and contact me if you are interested in printing this design and selling it. As a student I love the idea of my design being accessible, and wont ask for any payment, I only request that some of the profit be given to charity, and that you acknowledge the original creators. Otherwise you are taking away from the charities that are currently benefiting from other sales.

If you want to just print it for yourself or to give away as a gift, then be my guest!

Update V5: I raised the pond wall by 50% to allow for a bit more drainage, and raised the archway as well to make it fit aesthetically. I toyed around with making the pool wider or even taller, but it all looked really off past this point. haven’t test printed this yet but it should work.

V4 ~~NEW DESIGN! The regular STL now has higher resolution so the pool is a more perfect semi-circle. The v4 version has been FINALLY edited to print using only 60% of the filament vs the original, and around 85% of the print time. Better yet, I have some recs to get the print time well under 20 hours! See the notes below for that! The new speedy/budget design doesn’t have fancy plumbing and nice looking drains, but will look the same once full. The pots are deeper, and the bottom is slanted, so it will still provide drainage, and will still drain into the pool! The only downside is that the pots are deeper, which may not be ideal for all succulents, as the soil won’t dry as quickly. Still should work well with a loose planting mixture good drainage, and is well suited to printing at a smaller size!

This is a modification of the original planter 2 pot (designed by rk295): I added drainage holes, plumbing that leads down to the bottom, and an archway over the drain that leads into an added pool on the bottom level. yes the drains actually fill the pool (rather quickly, i might add.. oops!)

I was able to print it with no supports — the only areas that didnt turn out perfectly was the very top of the arch, which sanded down nicely (not pictured), and the drain under the arch, which i just smoothed a bit with razor (also not pictured).

Print Settings

Printer brand:


Ender 3 Pro









Filament brand:

Filament color:


Filament material:



~~Faster print edit: For a MUCH faster print time (under 17 hrs), set layer height to 0.32 mm, set infill to 15%, use the gyroid infill option for added strength. Better yet, I hear if you use a .6mm nozzle you can print in under 12 hours!!!

Printed on an ender3pro with Inland PLA+, 210c, 60 bed temp, 40mm/sec print speed, 0.2mm resolution (probably would have turned out better with 0.1 or less), and probably should have used support for the 0* angles. 20% infill, 4 wall and floor/roof layers. took around 28 hours lol.

drains work perfect though, and I’m happy with the appearance, so no regrets.

I’d recommend PETG for extended durability if this is going in the sun, or especially outdoors.