I needed a small watering can for the office, so I designed one after my fancy. I decided to make it a vase, because I just love those seamless surfaces and I had an idea how to incorporate a rigid grip (that worked very well).

It holds up to about 150 ml, which should be plenty for my good old Zamioculcas, Bonsai, cacti or other succulents.

Of course you can use it as a coffee milk jug as well, just please take care to print with a food safe material then.

I always use concentric bottom layers for this, linear infills tend to have minimal gaps at the outer edges. If your print still leaks, you can try to increase the extrusion multiplier a tiny bit and/or add more bottom layers. It also helps to print slow, about 40 mm/s max.

I’d love to see your Make! 🙂

Print Settings


Malyan M200








These are the settings for the white version in my pics.
Extrudr BDP Green-Tec white (biodegradable)
215°/40° on BuildTak
40 mm/s
0.4 nozzle
3 concentric bottom layers
single outline corkscrew printing mode (vase mode)
about 1 hour print time

With an extrusion width of about 0.5 mm, the walls overlap in one spot to stabilize the handle, adding a lot to the overall rigidity of the print.