This is a handy desktop eyeglass or keyring stand with hook. the base has four internal cavities for pennies which can be added during the print for a weighted base if you add an M601 command to your gcode in order to pause the print before layer 2.6 starts.

The main stand body does not need supports, but the hook does require supports. I suggest printing 2 hooks at a time to allow cooling in between layers of this small part. Make sure you clean any support material from the hook’s v-tabs and file down gently if necessary for easier assembly, if it’s too tight of a fit it will crack the stand slot.

If you set the support spacing to 2mm it can eliminate filling the hook’s v-tab with support material and promote a quick cleanup and easy assembly.

Just add a small drop of super glue to the mating surface of the hook, slide it down into the slot at the top of the stand and assembly is complete.
Try one in Glow in the dark for your nightstand!

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Prusa Mk2