Printed as a cup pad in one piece, this thing can be used also as a cup holder for 9 cm high paper cups filled e.g. with hot coffee.
The collapsed holder is practical for transportation.


V2 has these improvements:

  • more robust joints
  • tuned tolerances
  • smoother edges
  • backstops

You might try to print collapsible_holder_v2_looser_hinges.stl if you think hinges are too tight.

Print Settings

Printer brand:



Prusa i3 MK2






0.2 mm is sufficient


does not matter


Some short bridging required.
Print time is approx. 2 hours with 0.2 mm resolution. Use finer resolution for more smooth joints.

Quality filament is recommended. (PLA is fine.)

Do not risk breaking tiny parts

Joints are rather tough right after printing so please be very careful when expanding the holder for the first time. Do not force it to open, rather gently move parts in small angles first.

You might want to clean up your holder from tiny filament hairs before opening it.

How I Designed This

I could not find a suitable coffee cup holder. All Thingiverse designs were too big to be transported in a pocket easily so this was my attempt to scratch my itch.
This is the best way of learning OpenSCAD and exploring limits of 3D printing (moveable parts printed together).

Also, inspired by ingenious designs by @muzz64: