This lamp is a cheap knock-off of … or, rather … is a beautiful design inspired by the popular Voronoi Lamp ( All of the overhanging surfaces are at exactly 45 degrees, so it prints without supports, bridges or a lot of drama.



Update: I’ve added a solid version of the object (crinklelamp_solid.stl) which may be easier to slice.

Printed in natural (clear) PLA with 0.2mm layers. It prints upside-down, from top to bottom. The wall thickness is specifically set for printing with exactly 2 line widths with a 0.4mm nozzle. Therefore, scaling this lamp may produce unpredictable slicing results.

Originally, I sliced this with Slic3r 1.1.7, but it produced a tremendous number of unneeded traverse moves. The version shown was sliced with Simplify3D and printed without incident.

Edit: According to UserUnrelated in his make (, the newest version of Slic3r (1.2.6) works fine on this model. He also scaled it to 50% and got a nice, fast printing, single wall print!