**UPDATE 30 June 2021***

Added flush design that is 126mm long. See 30 April update for details.

*I am not sure why it is 126mm long so I think I need to go back and measure the other models and update their lengths/names.

**UPDATE 30 APRIL 2021***

Added a new design that allows shelf to be flush to wall. I removed previous wall mounting locations.
Now you install the screws first to the wall, and then rest the shelf onto screws with designed key slots.

Remix of “Shelf Bracket” by Vettsepp

Available are two bracket sizes :

  • 130mm wide shelf.
  • 110mm wide shelf.

Remix modifications include:

  • Removed fillet on top surface so shelf can be flush with back face.
  • Moved holes away from lattice to allow for easier access.

I have not performed Finite Analysis yet:

  • Original 130mm design stated by Vettsepp simulated to hold 50kg


  • (4) 3.5 x 40mm countersunk screws