I started out just wanting a book model that I could print out in two colors so that the pages could be white (or gold for a Bible:) and it turned into this. Why settle for a simple book, when the book could hide something inside?

The pages slide out of the cover and slide back in with a nice snap to keep it closed. You gently pull the cover back a little to disengage the tab.

At it’s default size, you can stack two SD cards inside one book. It also works well for stashing a few Tylenol or emergency candy. (SPREE!)

Tiny Bookcase is now also available to store the books.

Updated 03.01.2018: I replaced the BookPages.stl after discovering a very tiny error with the top not being perfectly level. The one available now should be good to go.

“Doesn’t quite scale smoothly. Had to do some adjustments, at 2x scale the pages don’t quite fit right. For the pages, I had to adjust x down one millimeter, y up one millimeter and z up by .5 millimeters for it to fit properly inside the cover without wiggling around too much or having gaps where there shouldn’t be any.”
See her make here: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:452750

Print Settings


Monoprice Maker Select Ultimate








see notes


BookCover: Raft, 0% infill, no supports
BookPages: No raft, 25% infill, no supports

I had the best luck printing the book cover on a raft since the edge is fairly thin and can droop a little with the heat. I also set the infill of the cover to 0% with fine results.

The book pages block is simpler. No raft is needed, but the infill needs to be in the 20% to 30% range.