Leaf Earrings

Beautiful earrings printed in transparent PLA.

No rafts
No support

"Hatch Flow" Ring

A ring designed as a sample piece of the "Hatch Flow" pattern I'm currently inventing

Watch this video for more details on why it's actually really cool:

Made with Rhino and Grasshopper. Designed to be printed with "surface mode" option in Cura

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Ultimaker 2








This ring is designed to be printed with the "Surface mode" option in Cura

It can not be printed as a spiral vase

Giant Crystal Ring

Love this crystal design. So we turned it into a ring!

It looks pretty special printed in translucents and neons.

Pentagonal Hexacontahedron Bracelet

This bracelet is formed from a ring of irregular pentagons taken from the center of a Pentagonal Hexacontahedron. So not only do you get a fancy bracelet, you also get to sound all fancy when you tell people what it is.

STL files are included for small and large versions. The large should fit over most hands and form a bangle bracelet. The small is for more lady-like hands. For those with larger hands like me, you can cut off a couple of rungs of the small version to make a C-shaped bracelet that is easy to put on and take off, and fits more snugly.

Featured on Day 218 of MakerHome:

UPDATE: Now available printed in Nylon or Metal at Shapeways.

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Hacktastic blog:
Shapeways geekhaus store:

This design and all associated pictures and files are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license. If you want to use designs, images, or files outside of the terms of this license, please email [email protected].

Mouse ring

Want to support my work and even sell 3D prints of some of my designs? Check the following links.


Simple and easily printable mouse ring. No 3d printers were harmed during the design process.

This animal-based ring is part of the collection Ear Rings. You can take a look and download them in any size you want!

I've uploaded the STL file for sizes from 5.5 to 11.5. The sizes correspond to the USA and Canada standards, but here you have the list to know the diameter if you don't know your size.

Size - diameter (mm)

5.5 - 16.10mm
6 - 16.51mm
6.5 - 16.92mm
7 - 17.35mm
7.5 - 17.75mm
8 - 18.19mm
8.5 - 18.53mm
9 - 18.89mm
9.5 - 19.41mm
10 - 19.84mm
10.5 - 20.20mm
11 - 20.68mm
11.5 - 21.08mm

IMPORTANT: as the ring size is not very big and every printer has different settings, the diameter could be slightly different when printing it. Be careful!

Hope you like it!

Chainmail - 3D Printable Fabric

Want to support my work and even sell 3D prints of some of my designs? Check the following links.


3D Printable chainmail.

The chainmail size is 195x195mm. A 60x60mm sample is available to test and find the right settings before printing the big chainmail. Print the model with a 0.4mm nozzle and 0% infill.

Download the dual/multi extrusion version here:

The source file is available on Patreon. Open it with Autodesk Fusion 360 and create your own custom chainmail.

Cat Necklace

Cat Necklace

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Drop Earrings

 A great gift for your beloved mate. This light printing will not take much time. You will only have to choose the right hook for the earrings.
And everything is ready.
  Download the files you need one at a time by clicking the "Upload" button each time. If you want to download all the files in one click, click here.