Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

It is a 3 dimensional printing process that creates a real object from a 3D digital file. There are several ways to achieve this object, they all rely on the deposition and solidification of material layer by layer.

To print in 3D is very simple. Just download a 3D printable digital model (on 3DP KINGS for example). In general, the format of the 3D file is in .STL or .OBJ. You can download the zip file from oue website and extract. Then when you have recovered the file on your computer, you must import it into your 3D printer software called a slicer. You make all the necessary adjustments in your slicer to prepare your print (size, temperature, infill, etc.). When your 3D model is ready, you just need to convert it to a gCode from your slicer. Then you will put the gCode on an SD card or USB key to connect it to your 3D printer and start 3D printing.

To model an object in 3D, you will need to use special 3D software. The software will also have to allow you to export your creation in 3D printable format, such as STL or OBJ. There are several solutions for creating 3D files, but the software we recommend if you are a beginner is the free online 3D software Tinkercad. Depending on your level, you could use more professional software such as ZBrush, Solidworks or Blender. For a complete list of 3D software, you can go to this article which lists the best 3D modeling software. You can also use our Maker Toolbox which lists all the necessary software for 3D printing.

Not at all. All you have to do is go to your Published Post and simply edit your Post. When you do so, you should see where to upload the newer version of your Model ZIP FILE.