Cute Llama Cookie Cutter

An Llama/Alpaca Cookie Cutter I made for a friend as a gift.
Just mirror it to get a pair of llamas facing eachother as I did.

How I Designed This

The design is based on a sketch I found here:
I created a vector graphic out of the source and modified it to reduce nested and too tiny spaces and corners. Extruded - done!

Measuring Cups

Set of 5 Measuring Cups : 1, 3/4 , 1/2 ,1/3, 1/4.


Neko Baking Set - Cat Cookie Cutter / Rolling Pin

Want to support my work and even sell 3D prints of some of my designs? Check the following links.


The Neko Baking Set is a cat themed collection that consists of three items: cat cookie cutter, cat paw cookie cutter, and cat rolling pin!

The cookies from the pictures were made following a standard butter cookies recipe. The items were printed using a 0.4mm nozzle, and it's recommended to print the items using 0.8mm walls and 0% infill.

This collection is my cat enthusiast version of Adafruit's amazing circuit and robot baking items.

The designs were 3D printed on a BQ Witbox Go using Fillamentum Vertigo Grey PLA filament.

Before using these items, please check out the limitations and precautions required when using 3D printed items with food.