Classic Bird Feeder

Classic style bird feeder. 100% printed, prints with no support needed. Hold several cups of bird feed.

This design is very easy to refill. Just lift the roof and poor in more feed.

How I Designed This

Design 123D


These files are designed for the most part for laser cutting. But if you are not confused by the small size, you can also print them on a 3D printer.
To increase the size, you can cut these models into pieces, print them separately and then connect them with glue.
Download the files you need one at a time by clicking the "Upload" button each time. If you want to download all the files in one click, click here.
STL files are ready for printing on a 3D printer with a maximum print area size of 210x200. If your table size is larger, you can easily scale it to fit your size. To make a large-sized version of metal, wood or plastic, as in the picture, you will need the help of a laser cutter. To do this, I added dfx and svg files.
Wall mounting can be done using wall_mounting. It must be printed additionally and glued with glue to the main decor. Then fix it on the wall with nails or screws or use double-sided tape.
To achieve the wow effect, you need to place an LED strip on the back of the decor.