Spiral Chess Set

A spiral themed chess set that can be printed without supports. I modeled this myself and I am currently in the process of printing a set. Any criticism is welcome and appreciated.

This has been a project I have been working on since I first got my printer. I wanted to develop something that could not be manufactured by any other process other than 3D Printing. I was stuck for a while on how to make the Knight, but I am finally happy enough with all of the models to publish it to the public.

Since this set has now been successfully printed, I am no longer marking is as a work-in-progress. If I make significant changes in the future, I will likely upload it as a new file.


Printed on a Makerfarm 8" i3v in PLA at 0.20mm layer height. Each print took some time (about 2hr) as they are pretty large pieces, so be prepared for a bit of a long print time. You could scale them down to 75% or so if you are looking for a smaller set.

No supports required!