Articulated Butterfly

I can't get enough of these articulated animals and wanted to try making one. I don't have much experience 3D modeling, but managed to hack this out in Tinkercad. My daughter is floored by the idea that we can contribute something back to Thingiverse and that people all over the world can now print this. If you make one, please post a make!

Inspired by muzz64's Fish Fossilz

And most recently by FernandoCordova89's Articulated Dinosaur


UPDATE #1: Featured! This is crazy! I told my daughter and she's as blown away as I am. I told her we won all the Internet points and she asked (bouncing up and down, clapping her hands), "Where can we spend them?!" XD

UPDATE #2 I've uploaded a version with slightly stronger joints. It doesn't look as dainty to me, but maybe folks who were having trouble with the original breaking will have better luck. Also, I've added a version with a hole going all the way through it for use as a necklace. Or you can put a piece of copper hobby wire through it and make it pose-able!

Print Settings


Qidi X-One








15% Rectilinear


Printed with Makergeeks Dragon's Metallic Gold PLA