Playable Ukulele - Printable w/ no Supports

Full-size Soprano Ukulele which prints with no supports.

Now includes files for both smaller and larger printers.

Designed to work with standard guitar or ukulele tuning machines and standard ukulele strings. Playable and is full soprano scale.

Many iterations to get to this design including: curved body for strength and to resist warping and Inner bracing which generally prevents de-lamination.

I have been playing my first print for years without issue.


  • Now includes files for smaller printers. Body lower and upper and Neck lower and upper. I included tabs on the body and neck to try and make gluing up the pieces easier.

  • V15 Neck posted which has changes based on feedback including: rounded frets to remove any sharp edges, smaller machine holes in the heads, re-positioned frets to stay better in tune.

Video of playing available at:



Use at least 4 layers and 50% fill. This will ensure that you have sufficient stiffness in the body and structure supports to hold the string tension. Printing from the inside out general works best for the initial overhang which is the roughest part of the print.


Like the body use lots of layers on the outside (at least 4). For the neck I have had success with 50% fill, but wouldn't do any less to ensure you have sufficient strength for strings.

Now includes files for small printers. Upper and Lower Body and Upper and Lower neck. Super glue the parts all together once printed.