Coat Hanger

Just a quick hook design I did when my old one broke down.

Just print without support.

Use version with screwhole, or use doublesided tape without screwhole.

You can also print with tight infill and screw from back side.

Clothes hanger hook(Save space)

Taobao saw this hanger hook being sold, so I drew one myself. It's really convenient to use. I hope you like it!

The filling rate is higher than 30%, which is relatively firm.

General purpose hook

General purpose hook. Use it to hang pots, pans, towels, coats, kitchen utensils, tools, you name it.
Pretty sturdy and elegant looking, this little hook can fit everywhere.

Edit: I did a crude load test using a rope, 2 buckets and water. It held almost 20 Kg!

Print Settings


Doesn't Matter




Print this as solid as possible in order for it to be really strong. No supports needed.