Propeller Keychain

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This propeller keychain consists out of two pieces. The case and the propeller itself. You obviously need one of both pieces to make the keychain.

The propeller has one side that sticks out. That side has to be mounted to the bottom of the case. So, towards the side that connects the inside with the outside. A little lube will make the propeller turn a lot smoother.

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Gearbox Keychain

This Gearbox Keychain has two working gears. They spin smoothly and have a gear ratio of 1.5:1 (12:8). Other ratios will be uploaded soon! Use a little lube to make it run even smoother!

As always, we don't like wasting material, so we designed it in a way that you won't need any support material.
3D Print this one and show yours!

Gizo the Spider (Keychain for backpack)

This is the cutest spider I have ever seen. The toy is wonderful. My son wanted such a spider with a keychain for his school backpack and I made a remix of the original. If you choose a different color, then the girl will like this keychain :)

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