A Fully Printable Microscope

Well almost, you still need to locate 4 lenses from some disposable cameras and a light source.

For the light source use an LED or mirror, whatever you have. I used a cheap LED wall light from Wal-Mart.

For the lenses, I went to a local photography shop and they were very kind to give me an entire bag full (Thank you Lens and Shutter! Since I had so many, I designed it to work with them all. There is a different optical tube that you have to print for the Fujifilm lenses (11.9mm outer diameter) vs. the Kodak lenses (13.2mm outer diameter). It should work with the following as I measured them all and will likely work with others as well:

(CAUTION there is a significant shock hazard if you plan to open a flash camera from the capacitor!)

Fujifilm QuickSnap Outdoor
Fujifilm QuickSnap Flash
Fujifilm Flash

Kodak FunSaver Flash
Kodak unaned
Kodak Max Outdoor

The magnification of this microscope is expected be near 74x (still need to confirm precisely).

Focus Lock: :
Smartphone Adapter:

This project was also inspired by this excellent project:
and this:


This should work with a variety of printers and settings. I printed it on a Makerbot Rep 2 using black, silver, and white PLA. For the optical tube, rack, knobs, pinion, stage, and head I used 0.1mm, 15% fill and high setting. For the post and stand I used medium settings, 0.27mm, 2.5% fill. It should have enough tolerance for medium settings everywhere.

Looking forward to your feedback on the build.