Loggerhead Sea Turtle (poseable)

A model loggerhead turtle with moveable flippers. You could call it an "action figure", but there's a distinct absence of mutation and/or martial arts training for this little guy!

All four flippers are attached by ball joints that are captured during the printing process. The front and back halves of the model snap together with the included H-clip.

Some cool info about loggerheads:

Just want to print it?
Then "Loggerhead_plated.STL" is the file for you!

Switch off automatic supports in your slicer software. There are only two supports needed and they're included in the STL. Don't forget to snap them off with pliers after printing.

Plate it yourself? Dual Extruder? Soluble supports?
Download "" and may The Force be with you.


The model is designed to print with only two supports (included in the STL) for the rear flipper ball joints in the back half of the model.

After printing the back half its supports should be removed with pointy-nosed pliers. You should see a kind of crown pattern where the support and and the ball meet. It doesn't really matter if you can't get the whole support out - the back flippers will still move, but not quite as much.

The joints have a 0.5mm clearance when printed at 100% scale, which should be fine for most printers. If they feel too loose after printing then try heating the model and pressing the surrounding plastic to tighten the socket.

Depending on your printer and slicer calibration the very first layer may fuse the ball and socket together in the front half of the model. If this happens then carefully cut through to the gap with a hobby knife after printing. Update: I have uploaded a version designed to minimise any first layer fusing (see Loggerhead_NoFuseJoints_plated.STL).

The two halves will join together best if the surface between them is perfectly flat. For this reason I would suggest printing without a raft if possible (or sanding off any marks it leaves).

Lighthouse on a rock

This is very loosely based on the Aniva lighthouse.

Curled Articulated Shark, reduced file size.

This remix has been run through Quadratic Edge Collapse Decimation in MeshLab to reduce the number of vertices while retaining the most true geometry. This was done to shrink the file size to under 25Mb, as Tinkercad has that upload size limit.