Customizable Geodesic Kitchen Sink Drain Strainer

This thing was inspired on this other thing:

Despite being a great project, I noticed two problems with this design; first, one must choose if it will be printed in two parts or with supports. Second, the hole on the screen have different sizes. I wanted something that could be printed as one single piece and have holes with a specific size. The solution I found was to create a geodesic dome.

The STL file available is for a sink of 50mm of diameter, 16mm of deepth, with a border of 15mm and holes of 4mm, but you can create your own with any diameter and hole size.

If you make one, please, let me know by posting your make here and, if you decide to tip me for my work, use the button on this instructions.

Update 2020-05-02 - As requested, I added a handle to the strainer. The default is for no handle so, if you want one, you have to change the customiser to 'yes'.

Update 2020-05-18 - I saw a work by Simon Kong Win Chang who put tabs on his strainer. I liked the idea and included it on the customizer


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