Avocado boat! Grow your own avocado tree!

Check out the video and learn more about the Avocado Boat!

A floating boat germination holder for avocado pits/seeds! You can leave the boat floating on water so you don't have to worry about the water level and grow your own avocado house plant!

Once you put the boat including the pit on the water it takes probably around 4 to 8 weeks for the pit to split open and start growing roots. It may take longer or shorter with you!

Fits an avocado pit/seed up to +/- 40mm (still leaving some space for the seed to split open). If you have a bigger seed, just scale the model up, or ask me!

My design is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial license. This means you may not use the material for commercial purposes.

Edited on 15th of November 2017:
Changed to a MakerSpace watermark on the back of the boat because of sales on Ebay, Etsy and other websites. (unfortunately)

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Make sure to print watertight. Leaks may make the boat sink. I use 3 perimeters.